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Simco is one of the most important Italian consulting and training companies.
Since 1981, when it was established, it has been developing over 2000 projects for more than 500 Customers of different sizes and sectors.
Our mission consists in combining skills and technologies to analyse and improve processes, motivate and qualify Human Resources in order to control and develop the company overall performances.
Simco Consulting offers specific consultancy services for various areas such as: logistics consultancy, distribution network, inventory management, transportation, production processes, warehouse management, logistics tenders.

The success of Simco is the issue of both the results obtained by its customers in terms of improvement in performances and development of abilities, and the establishment of lasting relationships based on transparency, cooperation and confidence.


Our Customers are international companies with main activities in production, sales and services,
which have repeatedly asked for Simco support.
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Our Customers are international companies with main activities in production, sales and services,
which have repeatedly asked for Simco support.
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Trying a car before buying it is a reasonable decision. Before investing millions of euros in a new distribution centre, you should try how it works. Today it is possible. Thanks to its experience in the dynamic simulation, Simco can replicate the project of a warehouse directly on a PC and follow its behaviour, thus allowing the choice to make layout changes before the real investment.


  • Check and optimization of the storage and handling system layout (traditional and/or automated) both, during the feasibility and the detailed project phases. The aim is to identify and remove any bottleneck as well as to optimize investments (value engineering)
  • Check and optimization of the strategies and the tactics for the right use of the storage and handling systems to be later implemented in the operating management software or automation control software such: storage policies, picking optimization, assignment of missions to forklift operators or AGVs according to different use scenarios (average day, peak day, mix unbalances, breakdowns, etc…)
  • Check and optimization of production planning and management methods, machine loading, etc.;
  • Daily activity planning of a Distribution Centre, testing the effect of several alternatives when using available resources, thanks to a detailed model
  • Emulation of software and hardware for the coordination and/or field for the “blank” tuning up of such systems
  • Comparison between the theoretically reachable performances through the present system and those actually obtained (benchmarking)
  • Smart 3D animated presentation of the systems in object


Definition of goals, data gathering and validation of the conceptual model
Different models can be created for each system according to the goals to be attained. A simulation requires accurate inputs (flows, performances, management rules, etc..) and therefore the gathering of data is a very delicate phase. The conceptual model has the purpose of having the whole project team share the scenarios to check as well as the hypotheses and assumptions.

Development of the SW model and design of the experiments campaign
Once the conceptual model has been “translated” into the simulation language, we define the scenarios to be tested and the expected degree of confidence for the comparison of the output results. Then, the number of runs to be launched is estimated

Output processing and their interpretation
The double competence of Simco in logistics and in simulation techniques is precious in this phase; the value added we give to our customers is actually our ability to transform numbers into project solutions.

Presentation of results and recommendations
Even the best study turns out to be useless if it is not able to “speak” its result. This phase is very important to help the costumer taking his decisions. As general rule, a 3D animation together with a report will show “critical” situations and the way to solve them.

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