Simco manages tenders linked to logistics for several hundred million Euro. developing competences and gaining experience that can be a warranty, together with the total independence from any supplier, to make very profitable purchases from the economic point of view, without any risk. In every situation where Simco has intervened, reward was generously paid back from savings and steady points the costumer got after the tender.


The purchase process of products or services linked to the logistic activities is generally carried out by companies in a discontinuous way (only in a couple of time during the history of the company).
For this reason, also the specific competences and the way to approach the “tender” is, for the majority of companies, outside their own know how, correctly focused on the ability of designing, production and selling of own products.

The purchases linked to the logistic have, most of the time, a considerable importance both in terms of costs (substantial investments and\or remarkable annual costs) and in terms of efficiency and service level. The risk to have it wrong and to drag a mistake for a long time becomes quite high (for example choosing the wrong supplier, spending more than necessary, experiencing higher operating costs, suffering long start-up, affecting the service level to the end customer, etc.).

This particular purchasing process (logistic tender) is in reality more complicated than it can appear at first sight; it is not enough to gather quotations by a couple of operators and to compare them to make a choice, if a series of actions are not developed, before this activity; that allows to have complete, reliable and homogeneous offers.

Simco has a deep knowledge of logistic supplier market (organized in a database managed according to the processes of their own Quality System) and it is able to assist their customers in all the provision phases, whether in the case when Simco previously developed consulting or planning activities or that it limits his assistance only to purchase process.

To avoid to “badly spend money” we suggest to use a more specific method from the professional point of view which we can decline in two different approaches in case we have to buy either:

  • Equipment, plants and Material Handling systems (automated warehouse, handling systems, shelving, forklifts, WMS software, etc.)
  • Services (transports, warehouse operation, warehouse spaces, etc) for the logistics

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