The accuracy of a project for a handling and storage system is the first requirement for the success of modernization initiative.                      The fulfillment of the project is also a very delicate phase that could jeopardize the results expected from a first-rate project; the risks are connected to functional requirements, to the increase of costs and the time of realization during construction, to the choice of an unsuitable supplier. Simco, knows very well how to behave in order to obtain the best results both in terms of purchase costs and operating results.


All technologies and equipment linked to moving, stocking, creating loading units and packaging are part of this area. For example, we can list:

  • automated warehouse: for pallets, mini-loads, mini-shuttles and special loads, etc/li>
  • automated closet: translated or rotating shelves (vertical and horizontal)
  • shelving: pallet racking, drive in, self-assembly, cantilevers, etc
  • motion systems: roller or chain conveyors, shuttles, LGV systems, decision point systems
  • forklifts
  • loop linear high speed sorters
  • picking systems
  • palletisation systems
  • packing and end-of-line systems
  • operation management software

The first step is the definition of the best Vendor List; based on the characteristics of what the company wants to buy (technical and functional standards, investment volume, purchasing company features, etc.) we identify the companies which can better respond to the specific demand. Simco knows this market (thanks to over 30 years of experience) and it is able to:

  • involve only the suppliers who can satisfy all assessment criteria, previously agreed with the costumer, which will be examined during the tender draft (price, company structure, dimension, financial strength, market share, technological level, subcontracting level, potential of innovation, references, certifications, etc…)
  • highlight for every competitor their strengths and weaknesses (rigidity/flexibility, punctual or delayed deliveries, post-sale quality and convenience)

After this first step, technical specifications are issued, where technological, functional and performance standards are described in detail. These specifications will be subjects not only to technical tabulation but they will be also the standard for any acceptance testing (definition of FAT and SAT procedures); technical specifications will be accompanied by a tender dossier with the precise references to the construction of prices to be offered. This step is also important to carry out a correct technical-economic tabulation.

Our analytic and professional abilities in analysing offers will be deployed to avoid possible hidden pitfalls in the description of the supply, the exclusions or unclear clauses. Technical-economic tabulation takes place when the analysis of the offers and when all possible information integrations or clarifications from non-perfectly aligned suppliers are provided.

Commercial negotiation can now start and our customer is generally in a stronger position because he can compare perfectly homogeneous and appropriate offers in terms of performance; price becomes now one of the most important parameters and suppliers obviously know, in particular if they see or understand Simco co-operation in the background.

Following the method we have just shortly described we are able to make the right choice and start purchasing with a high quality-price ratio.

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