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Good consultant does not rely his competency only on experience, but he shall systematically invest on professional updating and experiment new tools.


Simco uses an increasingly growing quota (regulated by a Quality System) of its consultant time for the continuous professional updating, through the participation to masters, seminars, congresses, exhibitions and visits to significant realizations. Simco consultants are also engaged in a regular collective confrontation and exchange of experiences; they are active in the development of their subject by the continuous publication of their actual studies.


Supply Chain Management Software

The strategic function of the supply chain, besides carrying out in an efficient way the physical processes, shall be featuring a precise entrepreneurial view regarding the service level to offer, which affects the choices about what shall be managed and in which quantity, with the aim of reducing costs to the minimum extent. This can be obtained only using a supply chain management software. These products are extremely efficacious in establishing the right mix between stock and service level, starting from the capacity of rapidly foreseeing the sales trend with accuracy and in an unbounded way.

Dynamic Simulation

The improvement in the logistic/production system often requires the introduction of new operation practices and/or structured and expensive automation systems in a complex and dynamic working environment; the performances that can be obtained are difficult if not impossible to foresee, especially if the system shall also guarantee flexibility, stability and “solidity” in extreme cases. The performances of the different alternatives shall be carefully evaluated and compared in terms of global advantages: the dynamic simulation is a tool which can help carrying out these analyses in an effective and accurate way. Its use is an absolutely necessity when the complexity and the importance of the new system increases. The presence of Simco analysts and logistics/production consultants brings concrete attitude to the model development and a greater capacity to read the results.

Layout Optimization Software

The use of traditional methods to define the layout of a factory or a department, evaluating the possible different alternatives, implies the risk of loosing sight of the best solution because of the high quantity of possible connections among all the activity centres and the consequent flow of information and materials. Simco has searched and found some valid application software programs, internally developing at the same time the ability to use them, for the interactive evaluation of the department or the factory layout, also linked to the comparison of the internal logistic costs. These tools, together with the concrete attitude and experience of Simco specialists, allow to optimize choices before making strategic investments for the future of the company.

Tools for Optimizing Distribution and Transport Networks

The analysis of the present distribution structure allows to check its consistency in terms of costs and level of offered service compared to an optimized transport plan and however consistent with the best prices on the market. Today, the optimization of distribution and transport activities can use the most advanced technologies and software programs which range from cartographic tools to satellite monitoring systems, that always grant the best kilometric path and real time reaction. These tools can be integrated with software programs and a study to define the best working procedures to optimize the loading of vehicles to guarantee return on investment times consistent with the needs of company profitability. Our offer is completed with a support to the costumer in the evaluation of the convenience to outsource transport activities and the choice of the best partner.

Business Intelligence Software

Companies pay more and more attention to the optimization and the regulation processes both to obtain significant competitive advantages and to discover weak points. To optimize such an effort, an analysis method, typical of the consulting companies is necessary, as well as a technology able to fill the existing gaps between the mass of data and their interpretation: software programs, able to aggregate and to “read” the performance and the cost data which already exist in the company. Simco has developed significant skills in the use of advanced OLAP tools having the purpose of studying and interpreting the performances of the different company areas (sales, finance, purchasing and logistics).

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