SIMCO offers the possibility of planning in House Training Events.

In house training is a process that tends to solve some very specific problems, triggering effective behaviours from those who, in a specific business context, need to face and manage different situations. Simco intervenes on technical and practical skills without forgetting the managerial ones (for example motivation, assertiveness, team work), which are more and more essential in an age where the value of delegation and goal achievements have a strategic relevance.

What does it mean

To best respond to each business special features, tailor-made training paths are created and planned, conceived on the specific necessities of the customers, through a detailed analysis of the most common problems in the company sector.

In house training allows to customise and agree in detail contents, duration, teaching methods, number of participants and organization aspects linked to logistic, matching class dates with the availability of the participants and business routine.

The target of these projects is to increase staff skills and motivation, creating educational paths with a strong and long-lasting impact, affecting common business culture, the sense of belonging and allowing costs optimization.

Simco offers the following services


It is a consulting project allowing to identify the skills required by each role, to analyse the technical and\or relational skills of the people, to stress strong points and weaknesses, to offer learning processes that helps to re-balance the competence gaps.


It is an excellent opportunity for the companies willing to invest in education/training: the possibility of developing even very complex training projects, at no cost, using almost 20 Italian interprofessional funds. The financed training needs to be performed by a quality approved company according to ISO 9001:2008 (EA35 and EA37), a certification that Simco obtained more than 15 years ago.


Development paths of specific skills providing the use of several integrated educational methods: classroom formation, assessment, field research, job shadowing, etc.


The purpose of this educational model is to combine the traditional “classroom method” (with trained and experienced teachers) with the most innovative learning information technologies. The “blended” mode aims not to give priorities to one single education method, in class rather than online; they are both functional to pursue the unique real goal: the continuous and long-lasting improvement of skills and competences. The challenge, therefore, becomes to choose, for every educational module, the most cost-effective mode: more follow-up learning of specific themes or more interaction between teachers and students, more business cases presentation or workshops and role play.


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